Love Ring Vibrators

Love Ring Vibrators

Love Ring Vibrators

Love ring vibrators are exactly what you think they are. It comprises a pliable ring that is positioned at the base of the penis. These vibrators help you sustain and enhance your erection.

Under normal circumstances, when a man is aroused, blood flow to the penis increases, causing it to swell and become hard. Love ring vibrators constrict an erect penis, preventing the blood from flowing out. So, while blood can flow into the penis, these vibrators restrict the blood flow out of it. And, when the love ring vibrator oscillates and vibrates, it enhances the pleasure of the man. It also can stimulate the clitoris during sexual intercourse to heighten pleasure for the female partner.

Find the Right Love Ring Vibrator

In case you are new to love ring vibrators, opt for an elastic one made from silicone. Remember to use after you get hard. Secure the ring firmly at the base of the penis to maximise the effective. Using the vibrating motion of the ring, you can enhance pleasure for yourself and your partner. Remember, these rings are designed to also add to the sensation of ejaculation.

It is essential to note that you should not use love ring vibrators for more than 30 minutes as restricting the blood flow to the penis longer than that will result in nerve and vascular damage.

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