What Really Makes a Woman Sexy

The term sexy has become synonymous with Victoria’s Secret models and advertisements. While that is sexy, true sexiness goes beyond what society mandates. What society thinks is sexy is just a small part of the big picture. There is so much more to what really makes a woman sexy. Here are some of those things, which will change from person to person.

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Kissable Lips 

When a woman has lips that call out to a man, it is sexy. The man will get torn between wanting to kiss and paying attention to what she is saying. This conflict itself will make the woman appear sexy in the eyes of a man.

A Back that is Yearning for His Touch 

The way a woman walks sits, or bends can be inviting for a man. Wearing a bare-back outfit, a sensual blouse, or a blazer can tempt a man to gently hold the low of the back of a woman because he finds it sexy.

A Sweet Voice 

The tone and the voice of a woman can be sexy for some men. They will want to call her so that they can hear her melodious voice. This may sound irrational but a woman’s voice and the way she speaks can be sensual and sultry.

High Confidence Levels 

Many women think that being a damsel in distress is what attracts men to them. While this could be true for some, most men love a confident woman, who knows that she is attractive and sexy. It means she knows her value and will love to be with men who acknowledge it.

Decent Way of Dressing 

Wearing skimpy clothes is not the epitome of sexiness. Yes, men will lust after a woman who is showing her skin but it will not make her special. When a woman dresses well, it not only makes her sexy but also gets men to sit up notice her. That can create a sexy aura around the woman that men will find irresistible. It is prudent to remember that decent dressing does not mean dressing in a boring manner. Rather, it is about wearing attire that is alluring and adds to her charm.

A Playful Nature 

From a survey conducted by TopEscortBabes, we found that a sexy woman can be a stimulant to a man. A playful nature can be mesmerising and captivating. A woman’s laughter that is steeped in suggestiveness, teasing the man on and off, and a wild stare make a woman highly desirable. A woman who is uptight will not evoke the same response from a man.

Highlighting Her Best Assets 

Whether a woman has a wonderful smile, long, shapely legs, big breasts, or stunning eyes, she should know her best assets and go out of her way to highlight them. A woman should never be afraid to flaunt her best assets and that will make her come across as sexy.

In Conclusion 

Different men have their unique take on sexiness. So, as a man (or woman), you should decide what you find sexy and then go for a partner who ticks those boxes. That will make you feel good and nice about yourself and your sensual partner. We also offer London Escorts for travel companions.

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