Great Ways to Try Out Your New Naughty Toys

Coming home to find a plain brown package on your doorstep can be a very exciting moment when you remember what you ordered online a few days prior. Unfortunately, depending on several different factors like your relationship status, your partner roster, and the type of toy you purchased, you might not be able to try out your new product between the sheets as quickly as you would like. Fortunately, there are a few ways to accelerate the process.

Find Someone Who Will Definitely Not Say No

You can be sure that if a company is selling it, it’s because they are very confident that someone is going to want it, and that’s especially true for sex toys. Since these items come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, it should be no surprise that the more mild things can be embraced by everyone, while products on the more extreme side of the spectrum will have fewer fans.

But if you are into the kinkier side of things, you don’t have to waste time trawling through dating sites and trying to find someone who can’t wait to be tied to your bed with your brand new restraints.

It has become easier than ever to book an escort these days, and these beautiful ladies are just as interested in getting as wild as you want. Sure, if you want a romantic evening with them, that’s on the docket, but if you want to get right to BDSM stuff, reading up on their bios to see what they’re into is a great way to make sure you made the right choice two times over. So check out to see which ladies would love to play with your new purchases. If you don’t mind putting a bit more time, there are plenty of dating sites that can allow you to filter your search for people who are into the kinkier side of things in the bedroom, but there might be a lot more texting before you actually meet up.

Some Great Fantasy Ideas

There is always the unfortunate stereotype that couples get into sex toys because the usual sex in the bedroom isn’t doing it for them anymore. And that’s not necessarily the case. You can be in a great, sexy relationship and still want to add plenty of vibrating excitement to what you do in the bedroom.

And while the vibrator is the best-known device that can placed in or on several erogenous zones, keep in mind that the organ that is really in charge of desire is the brain.

That means the sort of sex toys that can drive you wild might not matter as much as the sort of imaginary scenes you and your lover come up with before the items come into play. Maybe one of you is a doctor or nurse and the other is a patient, and the examination starts off normal at first, but the medical professional can’t resist this beautiful body in front of them, and they start to do some experiments with a rather familiar-looking object.

Calling each other by different names and going along with the role-play can do wonders for becoming aroused, and when the vibrator is brought into play, you’ll be surprised how quickly both of you are climaxing.

Even if you are playing, you can still have a wild time, teasing, and being a bit withholding until your partner is begging for it, and these sorts of encounters can make the big moment even better. After all, nothing notches up the arousal like denying it for a while.

Going Public

For some people, it is the ultimate turn on. Sure, the bedroom is the traditional spot for all the wild and naughty times, but sex toys have now gotten smaller and battery operated, which means it’s easier to not only hide them under the clothes but inside some very tight and pleasurable places as well.

With a bit of preparation and mental focus, you can go for a bit of a walk with a dildo or vibrator doing its job, and while that might be the obvious stimulation number one, the idea of being so naughty down the street will be an excellent simulation number two.

Even wilder are the wireless vibrators that can be controlled by someone else, which means you can be walking around with a pair of vibrating undergarments, but not in charge of when it buzzes. Your partner can pleasure/‘torture’ you by sending sexy buzzes your way when you least suspect it. It can definitely be a trip to the grocers that you will never forget.

Making It Last

No, not the relationship, since that is a much more complicated answer (although a healthy sex life is certainly a part of it). Here, we are referring to sex toys.

Like any product, there is a life-cycle for such things, and to maximize its use there are several things you can do. First and foremost is making sure you keep it in good condition and follow the exact instructions. Yes, reading up a sex toy manual is a lot less fun than using it, but double-checking to make sure it is (or isn’t) waterproof is very important.

It’s also good to clean it from time to time, and there are certain ways to do that properly. Depending on what the toys are made of, you might have to use certain types of soap, or no soap at all, just hot water.

While typically you keep your sex toys in a hidden-away sort of place (and not out on the coffee table), keeping them in a dry place that’s not too cold or too warm can help as well. A sealable plastic baggie is usually sufficient.

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